Big Drop Ranch

5833 CR 531
Hondo, Texas 78861

(830) 741-8906

Exclusive Whitetail Deer Hunting

Welcome to BIG DROP RANCH. If you are looking for a corporate hunting expedition or an incredible weekend with family and friends BIG DROP RANCH is your #1 destination. We endeavor to make every hunt the best possible experience for our guests and work hard to meet any demand. Whether it's a magnificent TROPHY or a nice first time hunt, you will leave BIG DROP RANCH with memories of an incredible hunting experience.

whitetail deer hunting


We invite you to browse our pages and get to know who we are and what we have to offer here at BIG DROP RANCH. Book your hunt early and reserve your choice of dates. We hunt Whitetail from October to January!

First Time Hunting Big Drop Ranch?

At BIG DROP RANCH you will pursue some of the largest trophy whitetail bucks in South Texas, enjoy gourmet meals, excellent lodging and let us show you the best southern hospitality in Texas! Be a part of the tradition at BIG DROP RANCH and let us provide you the ultimate trophy whitetail hunting experience. All whitetail deer hunts include lodging, meals, one-on-one guide service, caping, and arrangement for pick-up.

Big Drop Whitetail Deer

In South Texas we consider the Whitetail Deer to be the traditional “big game” of our Lone Star State, and take pride in offering some of the biggest bucks in the region. We strongly advocate the combination of several factors to the success of the deer herd population on the ranch: strict herd management along with the introduction of superior genetics, and water/habitat management. These factors combined with "good South Texas dirt" produce our strong foundation herd that could earn you a record book hunt on your very next hunt at BIG DROP RANCH.


In addition to trophy whitetail bucks, Blackbuck Antelope and Axis Deer may also be hunted any time of the year. Hunting these exotics species in Texas provides for an exciting hunt, sure to challenge a seasoned hunter.

Axis deer also referred to as the “chital” or spotted deer. We have a fantastic herd of Axis which allow for spring/summer or fall/winter hunting. Whether you are coming specifically for a trophy axis or want to include it while you are hunting whitetail during the fall, we will always have one to suit your needs.

Hunting Black Buck Antelope on the ranch is equally as rewarding as any exotic hunt in Texas. They are extremely fast and exciting to hunt as patience and determination play a key role in harvesting a fine trophy. Black Buck Antelope can be hunted year around as well, with no state license requirements, just call us to book that special hunt.

Big Drop Ranch offers the finest whitetail deer hunting in South Texas. When you hunt with us you will see countless beautiful animals while driving through the ranch or sitting in your private blind while enjoying the best of
South Texas Hospitality!